Located at Welby Park in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Optimum Labs, Inc. is an independent, full-service clinical laboratory that features a state-of-the-art testing facility and a wide range of professional services. We are a rapidly growing national laboratory, which provides employment within the communities we serve. Optimum Labs, Inc. is currently expanding throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Maryland.


Professional & Trusted Services

The services that we provide at Optimum Labs, Inc., are designed to empower our clients to take positive actions that will make improvements to the workplace environment. Our service operates seven days a week in order to provide on-site supervised collections for a wide range of agencies. Due to our vast knowledge, experience and abilities, we are able to provide custom care and quality services to our clients that are designed to fulfill the needs required at each facility.

Some of the agencies that we service include:

  • worker’s unions
  • pain care facilities
  • educational departments
  • job placement entities
  • detox and rehabilitation programs
  • intensive outpatient programs
  • transitional living programs

Our Vision

At Optimum Labs, Inc., we are committed to providing the highest level of integrity. We offer innovative laboratory services and provide our clients with exceptional customer satisfaction. Our approach to toxicology laboratory services is innovative and progressive. Our vision is to be the recognized leader in the laboratory medicine and toxicology market. We provide professional, accurate, and efficient testing services to the business and recovery communities for the purpose of providing a drug-free environment.

Our team is dedicated to assisting primary care, pain management, and mental healthy physicians to provide exceptional care to their patients, through the use of our new customized drug monitoring panels. In addition, at Optimum Labs, Inc., we are dedicated to providing physicians with highly accurate test results, by analyzing the levels of their patients’ prescribed medications.

Contact Optimum Labs, Inc.
If you are interested in hiring our team to provide customized laboratory services for your business, recovery center or facility, give us a call locally in New Bedford at 508-993-3710 or you can also use our online contact form to reach us at one of our other locations.

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