Avoiding Legal Problems: New Bedford Employee Drug Testing

Signed Written PolicyOne of the most important things that you can do to protect your business and improve the safety of your employees and customers alike, is to establish a drug-free workplace in MA. Drug testing in New Bedford and the surrounding area is becoming more common across just about every industry, whether your employees work with machinery in a factory, drive company vehicles or interact with the public. Having a signed written policy and engaging in employee performance reports can help to protect everyone involved. Working with a qualified employment attorney who is familiar with your industry, has worked with drug testing services, and is well versed in Massachusetts law is essential to avoiding legal problems associated with your testing policy.

Step One: Consult With an Attorney
You need to get a qualified employment attorney. If your primary business attorney or contract lawyer is not familiar with drug testing in New Bedford, ask for a referral to a colleague that can help you in this area. You can also contact the American Bar Association directly to find a qualified employment attorney. This type of lawyer can help you create all of the employee performance reports, signed written policy options and provide you with the tools you need to truly establish a drug-free workplace in MA.

Step Two: Be Clear and Direct
One of the best ways to make sure that your employees understand what you expect and what will happen if they violate your policy for a safe and drug-free workplace in MA is to be very clear about it all and provide them with a signed written policy. If you include drug testing in New Bedford as part of your drug-free program, make sure to state in your policy who will be tested, when they will be tested, as well as what would happen to them if they violate the policy in any way. Your qualified employment attorney should help you with all of the details and specifics in the area.

Step Three: Ongoing Education & Training
Make sure that all of your supervisors receive training on how to detect and properly respond to any type of alcohol misuse or drug abuse in the workplace. Make sure that you maintain attendance logs for all of your education and training sessions, provide supervisors with a quiz at the end of the program to determine their level of understanding, and provide continued education on a regular basis throughout the year. Education and training should also be provided to employees as part of your goal for a drug-free workplace in MA.

Step Four: Employee Performance Reports
One of the best tools that will help you in case you are faced with an employee who violates the signed written policy or fails drug testing in New Bedford, is your employee performance reports. Document the performance of all employees, including supervisors and managers, keeping a very detailed and objective record. This documentation can help provide a basis to refer workers to programs that can assist them if they are having difficulties and can also work to protect your business should you find yourself in a labor relations situation.

Learn How to Tread Lightly
When it comes to disciplinary actions or accusations made about an employee that appears to be impaired, learn to tread lightly and not rush to judgement. If the employee’s behavior is “off”, take steps to clarify what the reasons are for their impairment, such as direct contact, evaluating employee performance reports, or even drug testing in New Bedford if you feel that it is warranted.

Make sure to have verified test results and proof that the employee has violated the signed written policy for a drug-free workplace in MA before you take any action. Make sure that all discussions are held in private, but ask another manager or supervisor to serve as a witness. Never ever accuse, confront or even discuss a possible impairment in front of other co-workers. Speak with your qualified employment attorney for even more advice in this area.

Contact Optimum Labs, Inc. for Drug Testing in New Bedford
If you are looking for a reputable, efficient and effective drug testing service in order to provide and maintain a drug-free workplace in MA or the surrounding New England area, contact Optimum Labs, Inc. Our team can provide you with a wide range of comprehensive laboratory toxicology testing that you can use to enhance your employee performance reports and enforce your signed written policy. Give us a call at 508-993-3710 or use our online contact form to reach one of our other northeastern locations. Call today for quality and reliable drug testing in New Bedford.

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