How to Create a Workplace Drug Testing Program in New Bedford

Drug Free Zone at WorkIf you own or manage a business in the northeastern region, you need to find a full-service clinical laboratory that can provide you with the services you need to establish a legal MA drug testing program. Along with a well-written substance abuse policy, it is important for today’s employers to ensure a safe and drug-free workplace for everyone involved. New Bedford toxicology services through Optimum Labs, Inc., is a great place to start. From on-site supervised collections that work to improve integrity and provide flexible scheduling to our cost-effective pricing and 24-hour turnaround services, you can count on Optimum Labs, Inc. to protect your business from liability.

Why Drug Testing is Important
Regardless of the type of industry you are in, whether your employees work with heavy machinery or if they interact directly with the public, it is important to ensure that you have a safe and drug-free work environment. Setting up a quality MA drug testing program and advising employees of your substance abuse policy will help you to create and maintain this type of workplace scenario. Working with reputable and professional New Bedford toxicology services helps to ensure that the results that come from our full-service clinical laboratory and the services rendered by our on-site supervised collections technicians are accurate and reliable.

Companies today face a real legal liability if they do not test for drugs or alcohol abuse. This is especially true in workplace situations where accidents could be caused by impaired employees, but it is key in any industry. There are certain types of businesses that always do drug testing because of the type of work that they do, but more and more business owners across just about every type of industry are now turning to drug testing services to protect their businesses from liability. Work directly with your lawyer to establish a solid substance abuse policy and enact testing for pre-employment, random testing options, suspected abuse situations and return-to-work options to protect yourself in any type of situation.

The 5 Things You Need to Do It Right
If you are interested in establishing a MA drug testing program for your business, there are five things that you need to do in order to protect the legal rights and responsibilities of your business, as well as the rights of your employees. It is important to do this right to avoid any issues associated with using New Bedford toxicology services, whether you use on-site supervised collections or send employees to our full-service clinical laboratory for testing.

  1. Create a Substance Abuse Policy – Consult with your business lawyer or a lawyer who specializes in this type of work to ensure that you establish a policy that conforms to state and federal laws that protect business owners and employees with regard to when, where and how a MA drug testing program can be performed. A written policy explains where the employer stands with regard to drug use, what is expected from employees, and what would happen if the substance abuse policy is violated. Once your attorney signs off on it, make sure to have all of your employees sign that they will agree to the rules of the policy. Moving forward, all new employees will need to sign the policy as well and submit to testing by a professional full-service clinical laboratory as directed through the course of their employment.
  2. Train Your Supervisors – It is important to ensure that all supervisors, including managers and assistant managers, are properly trained to detect any problems with employees that might indicate that substance abuse is occurring. Education and training is essential, particularly about the different types of drugs that are available and the signs or symptoms of abuse. They can refer suspected employees to local resources that can help them with small issues before they become big problems.
  3. Train Your Employees – Your employees must also receive education and training in order to help you maintain a drug-free workplace. They must be reminded about the substance abuse policy and use of a local MA drug testing program whenever they are hired, re-hired or brought back to work after time away from the workplace. Copies of the policy and information about random on-site supervised collections through New Bedford toxicology services must be provided. Educational videos, training and printed materials that talk about the negative effects of drug abuse and alcoholism should be shared on a regular basis.
  4. Hire a Full-Service Clinical Laboratory – You will require the services of a professional team of technicians to provide the collections and testing for your established MA drug testing program. Optimum Labs, Inc. is located in New Bedford and has two other northeastern locations that can help serve you and your business. Make sure that any company you hire meets the requirements of state and federal law to ensure that you are compliant with collective bargaining, disability discrimination laws or anything else that applies to your industry.
  5. Know Massachusetts Law – Through the help of your attorney or through research gathered by you and your staff, it is important to know your state laws before establishing a MA drug testing program. Ensure that everything from your substance abuse policy to your choice of New Bedford toxicology services is airtight and legal. You don’t want to put yourself, your company or your employees into any type of legal situation with regard to your on-site supervised collections and drug testing policy.

Call Optimum Labs, Inc. for More Information
If you are seriously considering establishing a substance abuse policy and enacting a MA drug testing program at your workplace, contact our full-service clinical laboratory by calling 508-993-3710. We can provide you with all of the information that you need about our on-site supervised collections and our wide range of New Bedford toxicology services. Call today to learn more about how to create a safe and drug-free work environment for your place of business.

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