Laboratory Technician- “HOT JOB”

Classification: Part Time
Reports to: Laboratory and Operations Manager

Essential Functions:
1. Perform routine testing, quality control, calibration, maintainence and proficiency in accordance with current laboratory procedures
2. Handling, processing, reportingand maintaining records of patient testing
3. Maintain a system for organizing and maintaining laboratory documentation
4. Customer service including communication with providers and other care givers
5. Corrective actionmust be taken if quality control results are not within acceptable limits. Properly document all corrective action taken as indicated in established laboratory procedures
6. Routine review of all laboratory procedures and updating of procedures as deemed necessary
7. Oversee inventory and ordering of laboratory supplies
8. Documentation of any problems, issues, or information that may affect testing / reporting of laboratory results
9. Communicating with the laboratory director and technical consultant of any problems or issues that can affect the reporting of patient results

Essential Requirements:
1. Strong interpersonal skills
2. Knowledge of substance abuse and / or related areas
3. Knowledge of HIPAA requirements
4. Ability to work proficiently in a timely manner
5. Promotes and believes the core values of Optimum Labs Inc.
6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all parties
7. Well organized and detail oriented

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